Galvo Scanning

SiC Optics for High-End Laser Processes​

OptoSiC scanning mirrors are lightweight mirrors for high-speed laser scanning systems. Our special mirrors design utilizes the inherent stiffness and hardness of SiC to enable the realization of ultra-lightweight with low deformation, even in high-speed applications.

Our mounting options for .

Our customers have the option to get the optoSiC+ mirrors with and without a glued mount in all standard shaft sizes. Furthermore, we are able to manufacture accordance to customer specifications customized mount and fixing solutions.

Standard Products  Application CA [mm] Standard polished  [RWE PV] 3mm 5mm 6mm 6,35mm 7mm 10mm 12mm
XY 10G 10 λ/8
XY 15G 15 λ/8
XY 20G 20 λ/4
XY 25T 25 λ/4
XY 30G 30 λ/4
XY 35G 35 λ/4
XY 40G 40 λ/4
XY 45G 45 λ/4
XY 50G 50 λ/4; 1λ
XY 66T 66 λ/2; 2λ
XY 75G 75 λ/2; 2λ
XY 100G 100 λ/2; 2λ

Who we are and
what we do.

MERSEN optoSIC develops and produces for LASER technologies innovative high-end scanning  and fast steering mirrors in a tailored optoSIC+ material (SiC = silicon carbide) for today‘s and future application.


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