Galvo Scanning

SiC Optics for High-End Laser Processes​

OptoSiC scanning mirrors are lightweight mirrors for high-speed laser scanning systems. Our special mirrors design utilizes the inherent stiffness and hardness of SiC to enable the realization of ultra-lightweight with low deformation, even in high-speed applications.

The mirror sizes are designed according to the laser beam size and can be coated to provide a high reflectivity of 99.5% and above. In addition, a suitable mounting solution for the most commonly used galvos is available for each mirror.
Next to our standard mirror series ranging from 10mm to 100mm laser aperture, we offer the possibility to realize customized mirror designs and mounting solutions.

10 - 25 mm
30 - 100 mm

Who we are and
what we do.

MERSEN optoSIC develops and produces for LASER technologies innovative high-end scanning  and fast steering mirrors in a tailored optoSIC+ material (SiC = silicon carbide) for today‘s and future application.

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